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Introducing V.I.V.A.™ The Valuable
Information Value-Added system from
CDMG that will make you profitable

The proven, tested, V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system

By Craig Huey, President, CDMG, Inc.

The proven, tested V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system is designed to:

Dramatically increase your sales and profits
Set your company apart with a Unique Selling Proposition
Create a "branding" effect to help you gain market share
Overcome skepticism and objections of buyers
Rapidly expand your customer/client base
Multiply sales from your existing database
(V.I.V.A. stands for Valuable Information, Value-Added)

The V.I.V.A.™ Direct Marketing System Features
Secrets to More Profitable Marketing

What is the secret to CDMG’s winning promotions? It’s the V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system, which stands for “Valuable Information, Value-Added.” Here’s what that means…

1. Giving away Valuable Information overcomes skepticism and boosts response.

Think about it: What is your reaction when someone tries to sell you something? Chances are good you may be defensive or not interested, right?

We live in an age of skepticism. Your prospect just won’t automatically believe what you say.

We also live in an age of information. One major study showed the top reason prospects did not respond to an offer was a lack of enough benefits as to why it was in their self interest to respond.

Their skepticism was too great.

But what if someone gives you some valuable information on a topic of interest? You’re much more open to the message, right?

CDMG has helped develop and refine the “informational” marketing advantage into a powerful strategy for generating greater response. And that means more money for you.

This strategy uses valuable information—such as trends, forecasts, new findings, facts, and secrets—to help educate prospects and motivate them to order. Informational marketing is especially effective in promoting more complex products or services that need detailed explanations.

For example, in a promotion for a natural health newsletter, CDMG revealed little-known natural cures, with full details and documentation. These cures are examples of what the prospect will read in the newsletter if he orders.

Or, in promoting a software program, CDMG showed the prospects the secrets behind the system, revealing information that helped overcome skepticism and produce greater profits through early adoption of the product.

2. Using a Value-Added approach builds perceived value and increases response.

The V.I.V.A. direct marketing system also uses the relationship building strategy of value-added marketing.

This is the strategy that builds the “perceived value” of any promotion by:

a) Including valuable information within the promotion itself
b) Including special incentives, such as FREE gifts or premiums, to motivate prospects to order

Prospects feel they are getting something of value just by reading the promotion. They are getting substance, not just sales copy.

For example, in a promotion for a stock publication, CDMG included a valuable “Stockpicker’s Checklist” for investors to keep handy and to help them when they buy or sell.

For a health promotion, CDMG included a list of dangerous prescription drugs and their side effects.

This package included a map of the world showing trouble spots. It helped subscriptions increase over the control piece.

Success using both of these key strategies has helped CDMG create breakthrough campaigns, setting it apart from its competition.

If you’re seeking to double or triple your response rates and profits, you need to test the V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system, pioneered and perfected by Craig Huey and his Creative Direct Marketing Group.

CDMG is a full-service, direct response advertising agency founded by Craig Huey in 1972.

Since that time, CDMG has established a reputation of breakthrough direct marketing campaigns—from direct mail to infomercials, from ads to websites—for clients all across the nation and in the four corners of the world.

Based on the success and creativity of these campaigns, Craig Huey and his staff have garnered over 30 of direct marketing’s most prestigious awards for excellence. They’ve won these awards for creating million-dollar campaigns that have built small companies into powerhouses and turned around struggling companies—thanks to the V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system.

For more information, contact Craig Huey.

Call 310-212-5727
Write to 21171 S. Western Ave., Torrance, CA 90501
Email to inquire@directmarketingcenter.com

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Craig Huey

Mr. Huey is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing. Mr. Huey is winner of over 30 major marketing awards for breakthrough campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.


“If your prospect thinks you're only trying to sell…you become a salesman.

If your prospect thinks you know the answers to their biggest marketing problems…
you become their solution.

Using the CDMG V.I.V.A.™ System makes you the authority
—not the salesman.”


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