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Discover a wealth of new profit-boosting DM secrets each month in Direct Response

Direct Response is the nations leading direct marketing newsletter. Craig Huey started Direct Response in 1977. In each issue you'll learn the latest test results and techniques.

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Here’s a sampling of the up-to-date, powerful and profitable topics you’ll discover in each issue. Judge for yourself what just ONE of these ideas could have meant to your bottom line:

New opening paragraph techniques that can increase your results by 20% to 30% or more
7 surprising Website blunders that lower response
8 tips for easy ordering that will help you boost your response
4 little known direct mail response kickers
Fatal errors in preparing industrial catalogs—how to avoid them while increasing your responses substantially
The #1 display advertising mistake
How you can successfully qualify leads through telemarketing
12 overlooked email strategies proven to directly increase response
How you can use up to 30% more color at no extra cost
When—and why—you should consider copyrighting your work
20 winning ideas for your next catalog
Radical new changes in lead generation systems to help you profit immediately
10 proven direct marketing rules to live by and succeed
How to get even more profitable responses from your “800” number
Who’s making money now on two-way cable TV, and how you can, too
How to make your outer envelope 100% more effective
10 of the latest, most successful, new proven ways to get expired subscribers to renew
Unusual new fundraising techniques experts are now using to bring in those big checks
Profitable back-end techniques that recoup your losses and increase your profits like magic
The 4 most effective ways to evaluate the honesty and efficiency of your letter shop

The latest legal news on testimonials…how you can stay legal without sacrificing impact or responses

How to find the telephone marketing firm that’s right for you…and what to watch out for

Plus much, much more powerful new information you can use to help boost your profits higher and keep your costs lower than ever before!


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Craig Huey

Mr. Huey is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing. Mr. Huey is winner of over 30 major marketing awards for breakthrough campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

“To maximize your return, know what others are doing well and do it better.

I started Direct Response to keep up on the latest developments and results—
it's my research department.”


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