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I'm Craig Huey, president of the Creative Direct Marketing Group (CDMG), a direct response agency. If you're interested in growing a company, increasing profits and dramatically boosting response rates, I will help you do it.

Below on the left, you’ll find our Direct Response Resource Center offering you articles on a variety of online and offline marketing programs I've written. You’ll discover strategies and techniques that will increase your response and direct marketing profits.

Many of these resources are articles I've written for my newsletter Direct Response or industry publications like DM News, Target Marketing or Direct.

You'll find the professional services offered to help you grow with a lower cost per lead or sale. I'll show you how to create a powerful marketing campaign using:

Direct Mail
Direct Marketing Websites (including Webalogs)
Direct Response TV Commercials and Infomercials
Direct Response Radio
Direct Response Display Ads
Email Marketing
Mailing Lists and Email Lists
Follow-Up Kits and Conversion Series (plus other collateral material)

You'll also discover case studies showing how I helped companies like yours create marketing breakthroughs that can positively impact your company's growth.

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If you have any questions, please email me at, or call us at 1-310-212-5727.

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  • Copy tip: 6 secrets to a moneymaking headline
  • 2 little-known secrets to triple your email conversion
  • 3 surprising techniques to dramatically increase radio or TV response
  • Little-known techniques to get a top listing in Google
  • 7 costly and common direct mail blunders
  • Valuable case studies and test results so you’ll know what’s working—and what’s not
  • Recession survival tip: 98% of marketers overlook this success strategy
  • How to give your landing page a response-boosting makeover

You’ll discover what’s working and what isn’t in direct mail, web, email, TV and radio, display ads, paid search and much more. Sign up today so you’ll always have the latest direct marketing tips to make your next campaign more profitable.

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Craig Huey

Mr. Huey is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in direct response marketing. Mr. Huey is winner of more than 72 major marketing awards for breakthrough campaigns for multimillion-dollar sales.

Mr. Huey works with small companies and major corporations. His campaigns have targeted municipal areas to international campaigns. Working with over 1,000 companies, Mr. Huey has helped successful companies become more successful, and troubled companies to recover.

Articles by and about Mr. Huey have appeared in such publications as Inc. Magazine, DM News, Direct Marketing, Target Marketing, Christianity Today, and Adweek.

He is also the creator of the V.I.V.A.™ (Valuable Information, Value-Added) direct marketing system.

Mr. Huey is an author, as well as publisher of the industry news-letter, Direct Response.

In addition, he is president of both Creative Direct Marketing Group, Inc. (CDMG), a full- service direct response agency, and INFOMAT, a postal and email mailing list brokerage and management company.


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Use our proven tested V.I.V.A.™ direct marketing system to lower cost per lead and cost per sale:
  • Dramatically increase your sales & profits
  • Set your company apart with a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Create a "branding" effect to help you gain market share
  • Overcome skepticism and objections of prospects
  • Rapidly expand your customer/client base
  • Multiply sales from your existing database
    (V.I.V.A. stands for Valuable Information, Value-Added.)
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